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Why Choose White Tiger?



Parent Guide

Study Kempo if you want to learn:


  • Genuine self-confidence
  • Practical self-discipline
  • Sensible physical conditioning
  • Realistic self-defense principles
  • Health and well-being skills


Don't study Kempo to learn:


  • How to "Kick Butt"
  • To fight off thirty attackers
  • The "secret arts of the ninja"
  • To be a "black belt" in 12 quick, easy lessons


In short, we do not cater to the unrealistic fantasies of people who would rather read self-serving articles and watch exploitive films rather than put forth the effort necessary to learn a true art. If you want to win big trophies or show off for your friends, this is not the school for you. If, however, you are seeking insight into greater development of you (and/or your child) as a whole, healthy person, you may be someone we are looking for. Come in and find out.


What is it like to study at Ito's White Tiger Dojo?


For the  Adults:


Adult classes are a unique blend of physical workout and mental challenge. Students develop relaxation, coordination, and powerful, effective self-defense skills. Hard physical workouts are tempered by the subtle, refined techniques of the cultural arts. The senses are honed in a way not possible by mere sports - martial arts are mental tactics, which will help in all aspects of life. Confident, disciplined, happier people are always more successful than those lacking these qualities. Authentic, traditional martial arts are fertile grounds for this type of development.


For the  Kids:


Kids have their own special classes at Ito's White Tiger Dojo. Classes are taught with the appropriate mixture of martial arts and martial exercises for each group. The teachers (Sensei) at Ito's White Tiger Dojo motivate kids through their own special mixture of discipline, humor and positive examples.


Physical skills, which are so important in the development of a child, are learned in a fun (but serious), comprehensive and structured way. A positive by-product of the training received at Ito's White Tiger Dojo is children learn skills that will help them excel at sports and other physical activities for the rest of their lives. They will develop the confidence, discipline, respect and self-esteem that will help them succeed in life as adults.

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Class Guidelines:


Students may attend any or all classes for which they are qualified, but they must assume the responsibility for retaining the information covered in those classes.


Students in the Dojo at the beginning of class are expected to participate in the class or quietly leave the Dojo. Courtesy in maintaining a learning environment is appreciated.


Some classes focus on specialized skills. Detailed information on scheduling is available at the Dojo.



Discipline the

Mind, Body, and Spirit.






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Student Rates Effective 3/1/2014

# Classes Weekly


1 X Week

2 X Week

3 X Week

4 X Week

Unlimited X Week

Monthly Cost







10% off for 3 Months







AAU Membership Insurance

Renewed every August

Youth $16 Adult $29

New Student Family Rates 3/1/2014

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1 X Week

2 X Week

3 X Week

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10% off for 3 Months







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Thank you for choosing Ito’s White Tiger.


As your child begins his or her study at Ito’s White Tiger, we would like to take this opportunity to inform you of the expectations for our students/parents and share some of the unique attributes which have defined our school for over 30 years.


At White Tiger, our curriculum follows a clearly defined 12-month cycle of progression that is repeated each year to help ensure student progress and mastery of the material.  This cycle includes quarterly tournaments, weekly class rotations, testing for rank advancement and orientations at each belt level.  As students advance through the belt ranks, there is progressively more advanced material and higher standards.  This helps students to grow as martial artists and develop life skills that will aid them in their lives outside the Dojo.


As a parent, one of the best things you can do to support your child, in this endeavor, is to bring him or her to class as often as possible.  On any given day, it is natural for any child to be reluctant to attend school, a sporting event, etc.  Be prepared to hear your child say: "I don't feel like going to karate today,” “I’m too tired today”, etc.  We would recommend that you bring your child in regardless.   In order for students to progress, they will need to learn to become responsible and accountable for their class attendance.  This is a topic that is best discussed before the child’s first class.


At White Tiger, we do not believe that pampering a student is in their best interest.  We hold our students to a high standard of discipline and commitment.  Your child will come home sweaty, tired, and often sore from a good workout.  The physical conditioning of students is worked on in every class and the students are expected to put forth their best effort.  As the students advance in rank, they will take on more responsibility, in the Dojo, which is essential if they are to earn a black belt.  White Tiger does not have any black belt students who are minors. A true black belt not only needs to be extremely competent in the martial arts but should possess the high level of maturity, patience and wisdom that is required to be an effective martial arts instructor.  We believe that a black belt worth having, is a black belt worth earning.


White Tiger follows the patterns and traditions of family, community, and self-defense.  At our quarterly tournaments, we ask for parents to volunteer for various assignments including helping to check students in when they arrive and to assist with score keeping during the competition.  This is a great time to learn more about the martial arts and provides an opportunity for further involvement as you watch your child perform and present what they have learned in class.  The White Tiger curriculum is a group study; you can't learn self-defense by yourself. You need many practice partners and an experienced black-belt leader to create the conditions of a positive, supportive learning environment.


As your child begins their study at our Dojo, they become a part of the White Tiger family.  We celebrate family at our annual picnic and potluck.  Your entire family is welcome and the events provide a fun way for the parents, students and instructors to get better acquainted with each other.  Our quarterly movie nights give the students a chance to socialize “off the mat” and give parents a night to themselves (siblings and friends are welcome).  A strong sense of family and community have always been a part of the White Tiger way.


If you have any further questions, feel free to ask any of the White Tiger staff or Mrs. Ito behind the front desk.

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