Robert (AKA Master Ito) and Donna Ito (Mr. Ito & Mrs. Ito)


Robert and  Donna Ito have been married for over 40 years and have worked side by side since 1975.  They raised their 3 children at the dojo, and are now enjoying their 5 grandchildren.  You will find Mrs. Ito behind the desk at the dojo working the books and schedule.  It has been a wonderful experience watching  at least 3 generations of students come through White Tiger.  We love when our White Tiger students come back and visit with their families.

Robert Genzo Ito  (Mr. Genzo)


I have over 25 years of practice and 15 years of Instructing young kids to mature adults.  I use the arts as a life skill tool to better myself and create a positive experience with my influence.  I enjoy working with students through their progress to learn about and better themselves through mind, body and spirit.  I find joy in using my experience to relate, understand and communicate to find solutions to struggles in their progress and help them to achieve progressive goals to expand their abilities.

Ronda Gotti  (Mrs. Gotti)


I began studying White Tiger Kempo and Tai Chi in 2002 and received my black belt in 2010. I have learned that there is so much more to these studies than learning a kata, or advancing to another belt level.  White Tiger Universal Studies is a lifetime study of the self (mind, body, spirit), of motion, and of self defense.  Our dojo is like a family.  I enjoy working Kempo, Tai Chi and weapons classes with students (5-70 years) and coordinating our quarterly tournaments.

Patrick Farley (Mr. Farley)

Pat Farley joined the Ito’s White Tiger dojo in 2004 and now holds the rank of 2nd Degree Brown Belt.


Pat came to us with an extensive background in other athletic pursuits including college football and a 25 year rugby career. Pat founded the Marin Highlanders youth rugby club and is still active as a coach and board member.


“After my playing days were over, I was searching for an activity that would maintain my fitness level and help to fill the void left by my departure from competitive athletics. I had dabbled in Karate as a kid and Aikido as a young adult and was always intrigued by the martial arts. Returning to the martial arts, in a more focused way, seemed a natural next step for me.


I consider myself to be extremely fortunate to be training under Mr. Ito and his black belts. Mr. Ito is an accomplished, traditional martial artist and this journey has proven to be more challenging and rewarding than I had anticipated. Our studies address the whole person (mind, body and spirit) and can become a lifelong pursuit.


Assisting with student training allows me to continue with my passion for guiding children, teens and adults in the direction of becoming healthier and more confident individuals.  I look forward to working with you.”

Pat is a Senior Portfolio Manager with Merrill Lynch and lives in Novato with his wife Susan and twins Rachael and Ryan.

Saptarshi Choudhury (Mr. Saptarshi)

My name is Saptarshi and I began my studies in White Tiger 2011 and received my green belt in 2015. I enjoy sharing my time with the White Tiger extended family, that includes the instructors, the students and their families and friends. I find in White Tiger a continuous learning environment that opens up newer possibilities for progress of the mind, body and spirit. The life skills that I learn here have helped me deal with situations in my daily life, both professional and personal, better.

Gaby Romero (Miss Gaby)I'm Gaby Romero, a 16 year old White Tiger student, and I go to San Marin High School. I've been a part of the White Tiger family since I was 5 years old. Ito's White Tiger has taught me a lot about the Kempo world but they've also taught me many life lessons. My time in the dojo has taught me how to be respectful, patient, not to show off, and most importantly to never give up which in White Tiger language means to say to yourself, "I can do better." This dojo is filled with many diverse people who may come and go but Ito's will always be my second family.

Kaitlyn Thomson (Miss Kait)

My name is Kaitlyn Thomson (Miss Kait) and I have been a White Tiger since 2003. I started when I was nine years old and since then I have progressed into my Green Belt. At the dojo, I organize and run the Demonstration Team that performs at our Tournaments and other community events. I have also assisted in classes from beginner to intermediate levels. White Tiger has also given me years of experience working with kids, which I am using in my future career as a teacher.

Tzahal Ben Avraham (Mr. Tzahal)

My name is Tzahal Ben Avraham. I started with White tiger in the Spring of 2007. I received my green belt in 2013 and added a stripe to my belt this year, 2015.


I am a retired firefighter, who got hurt in the line of duty, and had to take disability retirement in 1999. I am a teacher at the Santa Rosa Junior College in the Fire Technology Section. I specialize in teaching fire behavior to firefighters and those trying to gain a career in this field.


I've been married to my wife, Claudia for 26 years. She has given me 100% support in my endeavor to be a better student in this discipline of White Tiger Studies. I came to White Tiger to see what I could do for pain control and build strength due to the injury. Over the years, I've worked with Mr. Ito and the other instructors at the school to build strength and  reduce the pain levels. My still being here is proof, that the exercises and guidance have worked quite well.


I enjoy being able to "pay it forward" to other  students in the school.  I feel passing on what I've learned is vital to the continuation of my learning in this "life long study". God willing, I pray I can  be here for many more years to come!